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As a prosecutor I had dozens of cases where Bill Aron represented the defendant. Without exception, he handled each case with skill, tenacity, and good sense. He handles every type of case, from the high profile and serious case in the papers to the run-of-the-mill, and gives each one complete attention and does an excellent job for his clients. He is a highly respected and talented attorney, and a great guy as well.
— Former Deputy District Attorney
Thank you Bill for taking such great care of my case and getting an excellent judgement for me. When the Sheriff’s office said ‘Wow; you got yourself a great lawyer’ after seeing the judgement you won for me, I was absolutely certain that you got me the best terms I could have hoped for.
— Kristin
Mr. Aron and his office was the prayer that I was hoping for as soon as my world turned upside down. Mr. Aron and his office helped me every step of the way, and made sure I was updated and informed about every little occurrence.
— Client
William Aron was such a relief. He took the reigns and made a sticky situation calming. He help get my case dismissed and proved I was innocent, he definitely is a trustworthy human being. And I am very grateful to have him represent me.
— Client
We first met William Aron when we were interviewing lawyers for a felony case. The other lawyers we met with had vague plans for how they would handle our situation. Bill was very specific and told us exactly what he would do, and he was true to his word!
— Client
Bill took my call personally even though it was a Friday afternoon about 6 pm and he immediately understood how he could provide immense value to me in both reducing my stress and protecting my rights.
— Mike

*This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. 

Criminal Defense for People Who are Not Criminals


WE ARE founded by a former DUI prosecutor who has prosecuted and defended hundreds of DUI cases, including substantial DUI jury trial experience.  William M. Aron is a law graduate from the Duke University School of Law.  His formal education includes dispute resolution research and negotiation.  Before Mr. Aron entered his private practice, he served as a Deputy District Attorney where he honed his jury trial skills while prosecuting hundreds of criminal cases.  During his private practice, he served as a visiting professor of law through the University of Virginia's Semester at Sea Program and he has been featured as a lecturer with the San Diego Association of Realtors.

We Have Top Talent

We are not a typical Santa Barbara DUI defense law firm.  We pride ourselves in creating unique solutions to complex problems such ad DUI arrest (driving under the influence) and DWI arrest (driving while intoxicated).  There are many DUI and DWI defenses that can lead to the dismissal of the charges against you or conviction of a lesser charge. 

About Us

We Educate

We are advocates of communication and education.  All of our DUI clients have consistent and personal contact with their DUI defense attorney throughout the life of their DUI case and beyond.  We know that dealing with criminal charges can be traumatizing and nothing makes the stress worse than the inability to reach your Santa Barbara DUI Defense Attorney.

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We Are Local

As a Santa Barbara DUI defense lawyer we know the local courts and customs.  Each county and courthouse has its own way of handling DUI arrests.  Our Santa Barbara DUI defense lawyers have developed trusting relationships with prosecutors, judges, court staff and probation officers in Santa Barbara.  We know how things work in the courtrooms and the most effective way to get your case handled.

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