Has the Pandemic Increased the Issue of Domestic Violence?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been reported that reports of domestic violence have increased between 25 and 33 percent worldwide. Domestic violence is defined as violence among current or former partners that is characterized by stalking, psychological, sexual, or physical violence. The issue of domestic violence has become even more prevalent in recent years as people were forced to be home more often than normal, leaving victims with no escape or reprieve from their abusive partners or spouses.

Aron Law Firm is a domestic violence law firm helping clients in California. The pandemic has caused an increase with the issue of domestic violence, so it is important for individuals to be able to recognize red flags they may face and the resources available to help them if need be.

Recognize the Signs of an Abusive Relationship

With domestic violence becoming more and more prevalent an issue, there are ways that individuals can protect themselves from falling victim when entering into a relationship. By knowing the signs of a potentially abusive relationship, you can be more aware of when it may be time to make your exit from a relationship before the situation escalates to a dangerous situation. Some common signs of an abusive relationship include:

  • They try to move too quickly into the relationship
  • The relationship “seems too good to be true”
  • Isolates you from friends or family
  • They do not honor your boundaries
  • They are excessively jealous or constantly accuses you of being unfaithful
  • Constantly puts you down or makes attacks on your character
  • Blames others for their behavior and actions
  • They have a history of abuse
  • They get scary when they are angry

If you feel that there may be signs of potential abuse in your relationship, it is always best to trust your instincts and leave. The longer that you stay in a potentially abusive relationship, the more difficult it will become to leave and it may become dangerous.

How a Domestic Violence Accusation Can Affect You

Just as cases of domestic violence have increased, the same can be said for domestic violence accusations. There are many different reasons that a person may falsely accuse their spouse of domestic violence. However, the effects that an accusation as serious as domestic violence may have on your life are significant. The ways that a domestic violence accusation can affect a person’s life are:

  • Difficulty finding a job
  • Changes to your living situation
  • Damages reputation
  • Damages relationships with friends and family

If you are facing a domestic violence accusation, it is crucial that you contact a domestic violence attorney who can help defend you and your rights.

Get Help from a California Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a serious issue that has become more prevalent since the start of the pandemic. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you may be facing serious legal repercussions. To get help defending your case, contact a California domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.

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