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Client Testimonials

Helped Me

Mr. Aron and his office was the prayer that I was hoping for as soon as my world turned upside down. Mr. Aron and his office helped me every step of the way, and made sure I was updated and informed about every little occurrence."

- John M.


Bill's clients benefit from his great combination of intelligence and legal knowledge. I'd trust him to represent me when everything was on the line.

- Attorney Adrian Bower


Bill Aron is one of the most intelligent, capable, hard-working and knowledgeable attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with. Perhaps his most striking characteristics are his creative problem solving and his devotion to his clients. I have often known Bill to take on seemingly impossible matters and, through a combination of experience and thorough analysis of the facts and law, bring about a favorable result for his client. He is also an individual and a lawyer of the highest integrity. I recommend him without hesitation.

- Attorney Seana Thomas

Great Understanding

"Will has a great understanding of finance, markets and capital structures. He can be a tenacious, resilient and driven advocate! Most Importantly, Will doesn't view his clients through a self enrichment lens. He is genuinely committed towards their best interests."

- Rob G.

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