3 Scams That Could Land You Behind Bars

Some scams are so elaborate and damaging that they are made into feature films. “The Tinder Swindler“, a 2022 film produced by Netflix is a great example of this. In that case, an international conman convinced women that they were the love of his life in order to swindle them out of their own money. He then used that money to spend on elaborate parties, clothing, and other material possessions for himself. However, a scam doesn’t have to be this complex in order to dupe people. In 2021, some 2.8 million Americans filed claims of fraud against various companies and institutions. These claims ranged from small-scale and mundane frauds to much larger heists.

Unfortunately, it’s fairly common for people to try to pull scams on other people for monetary gain. Thus, you should learn about some of the most common types of scams that are thrust onto an unsuspecting public. Learning what kind of activity could land you in legal trouble is a great way to keep yourself out of that predicament entirely.

Tech Support Scams

It is extremely frustrating to deal with pieces of technology that you are not familiar with or that you may be somewhat uncomfortable using. Unfortunately, this is also just a part of life. When this happens, you should do your best to avoid getting tricked into a tech support scam.

The Attorneys General Office in Texas explains how this type of scam may work:

“Out of nowhere, you receive a call or a screen pops up on your computer – maybe from a reputable company like Microsoft or an anti-virus company. They tell you that you have a virus or an error, and they can fix it before you lose all of your data. But first, you have to call the number on your screen allow them access to your computer, and/or pay them a sum of money. Sometimes they will use a ‘scan’ of your computer to try to convince you there is something wrong. Don’t believe them!”

Seemingly every year the scams get more creative. They will do everything in their power to make sure you are convinced of their ability to help you. In reality, they are just looking to get personal information from you that they may be able to use to defraud you. If you get caught up in this or have attempted to do this to someone else, you may face legal consequences that you would surely rather not have to deal with. You need to think ahead of time about the potential consequences of your actions so you don’t end up having to face them in court.

IRS Scams

It is illegal to impersonate a government agency or official, and yet, this is one of the most common types of scams out there. People may become at least somewhat easily convinced that they are dealing directly with the IRS when someone calls them pretending to be from the agency. Unfortunately, this kind of thing may be very convincing and upsetting for people who are not fully versed in what the IRS can and cannot do. Some people fall for the scam simply because they are very scared about what the IRS may be able to do to them on an individual level, and they may not realize that the threats being made over the phone are not legitimate in any way.

Scammers will often act as if they are going to send law enforcement to arrest the person on the other end of the phone if they don’t pay up. This is simply a form of intimidation and bullying, and it should not be believed. Those who experience something like this should immediately hang up and block the number.

Fake Debts

Some people will receive letters about debts that they supposedly owe, but they know nothing about these debts. If that is the case, then you should avoid making any payment on that debt at all. What is likely happening is that you are being scammed into paying something that you don’t even owe.

Once again, this is another type of scam that some people may get caught up in as a result of their employment. Many shady companies that are pulling scams like this are not upfront with their employees about the type of work that they will be doing, and it is quite common to convince employees to make calls that are clearly illegal. Doing so may put you in hot water from a legal perspective, and you need to do everything in your power to avoid putting yourself in such an uncomfortable spot. Instead, you should leave any kind of job that makes you feel uncomfortable about the kind of work that you are doing right away.

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