High-Stakes Litigation

  • Hickcox-Huffman v. US Airways Inc., et al., Case No. 5:10-cv-05193, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California – Garnered $9,850,000.00 settlement in a nationwide consumer protection class action lawsuit.  

Investor Protection

  • Recovered in excess of $250,000.00 from a major financial institution in a confidential settlement within a FINRA arbitration context. 

Personal Injury

  • A bicyclist was struck by a vehicle and exhibited no major injuries aside from minor road rash.  Regardless, we were able to exhaust the insurance company’s policy limits, recovering $100,000.00 on behalf of our client.   

Criminal Defense 

  • Esteemed physician accused of perpetrating domestic violence against his wife. Result – No Charges Filed
  • Celebrated educator targeted for prosecution of rape and related crimes.      Result – No Charges Filed
  • Prominent musician charged with battery and various other crimes of violence. Result – Case Dismissed
  • University student charged with driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs (DUI). Result – Case Dismissed (on the first day of trial)

Disclaimer:  Every case is unique and past results are not necessarily indicative of future outcomes.  We cannot and will not make any promises, guarantees, or representations regarding specific cases or scenarios.