Criminal Defense 

  • Esteemed physician accused of perpetrating domestic violence against his wife. Result – No Charges Filed
  • Celebrated educator targeted for prosecution of rape and related crimes.      Result – No Charges Filed
  • Prominent musician charged with battery and various other crimes of violence. Result – Case Dismissed
  • University student charged with driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs (DUI). Result – Case Dismissed (on the first day of trial)
  • Technology worker in the process of trying to obtain United States citizenship is arrested for a DUI after speeding and registering a .12 BAC on a breathalyzer.  Result: DUI charges reduced to a lesser charge and no adverse immigration consequences

  • Nurse sexually assaulted numerous elderly patients.  Result: No criminal charges filed

  • Accountant incurred Felony DUI charges stemming from crashing an ATV with children onboard.  One child suffered broken bones and had to be airlifted to a Level 1 trauma hospital.  Result: Felony charges dropped and no actual jail time. 

  • Military contractor with top secret security clearance breaks into a medical office at night while heavily intoxicated and faces felony charges and revocation of his security clearance.  Result: Misdemeanor and no jail time.

  • 19 year old sexually assaults a 17-year old girl in a tent while camping.  Prosecutors sought incarceration and PC 290 sex offender registration.  Result: Misdemeanor, no actual jail time, and no sex offender registration.

  • Mother prosecuted for driving while heavily intoxicated with her two young children in the car.  Result: Child endangerment charges dismissed.

  • Man suffering from severe drug addiction engages in substantial drug selling activities and is held in custody while he faces felony charges.  Upon getting him released from jail pending trial he commits additional drug selling felonies.  Prosecutor filed an additional felony case and sought a lengthy prison sentence.  Result: Probation and no additional jail time.

  • Physician was found masturbating in public in front of young children during a mental health episode and faced jail time, lifetime sex offender registration, and revocation of his medical license. Result: Mental health diversion granted and case dismissed.

  • Research physicist is charged with domestic violence battery resulting in injury and false imprisonment.   Result: No Jail Time.

  • Professional woman assaults wait staff at a luxury hotel and faces battery, vandalism, and criminal trespass charges:  Result: Case Dismissed.

High-Stakes Litigation

  • Hickcox-Huffman v. US Airways Inc., et al., Case No. 5:10-cv-05193, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California – Garnered $9,850,000.00 settlement in a nationwide consumer protection class action lawsuit.  

Investor Protection

  • Recovered in excess of $250,000.00 from a major financial institution in a confidential settlement within a FINRA arbitration context. 

Personal Injury

  • A bicyclist was struck by a vehicle and exhibited no major injuries aside from minor road rash.  Regardless, we were able to exhaust the insurance company’s policy limits, recovering $100,000.00 on behalf of our client.   
  • Motorcyclist was forced to alter his driving pattern by a minimally insured erratic driver leading to a crash and with minor injuries. Result: $500,000 recovery via uninsured motorist coverage (policy limits)

Disclaimer:  Every case is unique and past results are not necessarily indicative of future outcomes.  We cannot and will not make any promises, guarantees, or representations regarding specific cases or scenarios.