Can You Go to Prison for White Collar Crimes in California?

When crimes are motivated by financial gain, they typically fall under white-collar crimes in California and are punishable by fines, jail time, or prison sentences. Depending on the amount of money involved and the circumstances surrounding the criminal act, white-collar crimes may result in lengthy prison time upon conviction.

If a crime is escalated to a felony due to large amounts of money, it may be challenging to refute the prosecution’s claims. Our white-collar crimes defense attorney at Aron Law Firm seeks to help clients by protecting their rights and asserting a skilled strategy in their defense. With our professional legal team managing your case and advocating for a better future in your life, you may feel more at ease in a courtroom.

Understanding the Different White Collar Crimes in California

The punishments one may receive upon conviction generally vary based on the type of crime and the amount of money involved in white-collar offenses. Additionally, these crimes are not considered violent but are not always exempt from playing a role in injuring others. Due to the nature of many of these offenses, such as cyber crimes for example, they may be tried as federal offenses due to the number of players involved and where the crime is traced.

Types of white-collar crimes in California include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Cybercrime
  • Wire fraud
  • Bribery
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Extortion

Many clients find clarity and confidence throughout a trial with a seasoned criminal attorney in Santa Barbara, CA. The complexity and gravity of white-collar offenses leave many to face a slew of penalties associated with misdemeanor or felony charges. Despite the accusations you may be up against, your knowledgeable attorney may ensure your rights are protected by challenging any false claims the prosecution presents. Your legal representation may give you an upper hand with a skillful evaluation of evidence and retrieving pertinent details for your case.

Aggravated White Collar Enhancement

California law addresses the penalties for misdemeanor or felony ranked charges under white-collar crimes. Cases involving large amounts of money, direct impact on external individuals, and repeated offenses likely leave many with a prison sentence. California’s freeze and seize law may apply in some instances, such as felonious acts. Under this law, penalties are influenced by California’s aggravated white collar enhancement.

According to California penal code 186.11, individuals may face sentencing enhancement under these circumstances:

“…Any person who commits two or more related felonies…and the pattern of related felony conduct involves the taking of, or results in the loss by another person or entity of, more than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), shall be punished, upon conviction of two or more felonies in a single criminal proceeding…by an additional term of imprisonment in the state prison…”

When crimes are subject to enhancement, the individual may face additional years in a prison sentence. The effects of spending time in prison may transcend different aspects of someone’s life. Losing a job, losing relationships, and having privileges revoked by the state may result from a conviction. An understanding and solid legal team may help you resolve any crimes and achieve an outcome that helps your future opportunities.

How a California Criminal Defense Attorney Helps You

If you are faced with a white-collar criminal charge in California, you may be up against a misdemeanor or felony conviction. For the majority, these criminal categories differ in the amount of time spent behind bars and the adverse effects of being added to a criminal record.

There are many reasons to hire a California white-collar crime lawyer, as these cases are best handled with professional legal resources. Fraud and embezzlement cases are examples of the crimes our experienced lawyer handles. Throughout the discovery process, our legal team diligently works to collect pertinent information for your defense and to discredit the prosecution’s refutable claims.

The complexity of these crimes is not intimidating to a skilled lawyer who regularly helps clients while keeping their future in mind. When charges are brought against an individual, the prosecution will attempt to prove you committed your acts with criminal intent and beyond a reasonable doubt. Your attorney works to protect your rights and show that the prosecution fails to prove intent. Additionally, your lawyer may help you by negotiating a plea deal, restitution, or lesser sentence to help your future.

Call Aron Law Firm for a White Collar Criminal Lawyer in California to Represent You

Misdemeanors and felonies may result in jail time or a lengthy prison sentence for anyone convicted. Due to the complexity and uniqueness of white-collar crime cases, hiring a skilled attorney with ample experience in California’s courtrooms gives you an advantage in any case.

Cases of fraud, embezzlement, forgery, and extortion often evolve because of criminal acts calling for convictions under these charges. With your experienced attorney at Aron Law Firm handling your defense, you may feel more at ease and headed in the right direction for your future. Complete a contact form or call us at (805) 618-1768 to partner with a reputable attorney.