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Being the parent of a child who has been accused of a sex crime in the Santa Barbara area is a scary situation to find yourself in. You are likely gravely concerned for your child’s future, and understandably so. More than likely, this is something you have never had to deal with in the past and has probably never even crossed your mind.

However, now that you have a child facing charges for a sexual offense, you will need a skilled juvenile sex crimes lawyer on your side who will fight to safeguard your child’s future. The Aron Law Firm criminal defense attorneys understand how stressful this situation is for both the parent and the child, so we use a client-centered approach that focuses on compassionate litigation.

Types of Juvenile Sex Crimes Our Law Firm Handles

At Aron Law Firm, we offer competent legal representation for juveniles no matter what type of sex crime they have been accused of committing.

Minors in Santa Barbara can face charges for sexual offenses such as:

  • Abduction of a minor for prostitution
  • Forced oral copulation
  • Kidnapping with the intention of committing sexual assault
  • Lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14
  • Molestation or other sexual abuse of a child
  • Rape
  • Sending, receiving, or distributing child pornography
  • Sexting
  • Sodomy with a child under 14 years old
  • Sodomy with a person under 18 years old

The United States Department of Justice has reported that 23% of sexual assault offenders are under the age of 18. Some of these assaults are due to teen romances that have gone sour. Alleged teen victims with hurt feelings can find themselves on a mission to seek retribution for their emotional pain, sometimes leading to a false allegation of rape or other sexual misconduct.

Possible Penalties for a Juvenile Sex Crime in California

In 1996, California enacted Megan’s Law, requiring both juveniles and adults convicted of certain sexual offenses to register on the public sex offender registry upon their release from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Juvenile sex offenders in California may be required to register for a minimum of five or ten years, depending on the crime.

Other penalties can include:

  • Incarceration
  • Probation
  • Home confinement
  • Foster care placement
  • Group home placement
  • Incarceration at a juvenile ranch or camp

In some cases, the District Attorney may apply for a transfer to have the minor tried as an adult. The closer the child is to the age of 18, the more likely they will be sent through the adult criminal system. A skilled juvenile sex crime defense lawyer can plead your child’s case to the DA and defend their right to be tried as a juvenile.

Contact a Skilled Juvenile Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in Santa Barbara Today

The Aron Law Firm has a thorough understanding of Santa Barbara’s juvenile court system as well as extensive experience navigating the state’s criminal justice system.  When you choose to partner with our firm, you can count on us to craft an effective defense strategy to reduce your child’s sentence, negotiate a lesser charge, or, in some cases, have their charges dismissed entirely.

When you need intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate legal defense in Santa Barbara, there is no team that will have your (and your child’s) back like Aron Law Firm. Allow us to fight for your child’s future by contacting our Santa Barbara juvenile sex crimes lawyers. Call us at (805) 500-0759 or complete our contact form to discuss your case with us today.