Five Signs You May Have Hired the Wrong Lawyer for Your Criminal Case

It may feel like there are about a million lawyers in California. That number is actually closer to 266,000, according to the California State Bar. In any case, wading through a sea of attorneys vying for your attention may be difficult to navigate. How do you pick someone that suits your needs and defends your rights? 

In a perfect world, every lawyer would be a flawless match for every client. In reality, however, it may be tough to find an attorney whose personality and style satisfies your legal goals. If you’ve hired a California lawyer to defend and protect your rights and are worried they might not be the right fit, it’s not too late to change course.

If you catch red flags early enough, you may reverse your decision and hire a qualified attorney who represents your interests. We’ve broken down five warning signs that will help indicate whether you’ve hired the wrong professional to get the job done.

They Clash in Personality with You

Your lawyer may have the best credentials in the world, but if you can’t stand being around them, you’re unlikely to find success at trial. Keep in mind that you may be going into a legal battle with this person by your side, so you need to be able to sit in the same foxhole with them. Court cases and legal matters are stressful, no matter how minor they may seem. Ultimately, you need a lawyer who is professional and calms your fears or worries throughout the legal process. You may be able to sniff out an attorney’s personality by reading reviews and gauging their character and temperament during your initial consultation.

They Fail to Communicate Properly

Poor communication between a lawyer and their client may make or break the outcome of a case. Does your lawyer return all of your calls and emails within twenty-four hours? Do you get the sense that your concerns are important to them? If you have a preferred form of communication, convey that to your lawyer. If you discover that your questions aren’t being answered or that you’re being pushed to communicate in a way that isn’t comfortable for you, it may be time to consider finding a new lawyer.

They Have No Enthusiasm or Empathy for Your Case

The best professionals in the business care about their clients. After all, they’ve been hired to fight for you and your rights. The better they understand and empathize with you, the better they’ll be able to communicate that pain and suffering to a jury if your case goes to trial. Like any job, some days are more stressful or tiring than others, but good lawyers are always right there with you. If your lawyer isn’t enthusiastic about your case or seems hesitant, that should raise some red flags.

They Seem Incompetent

Incompetence, in this case, is the inability to represent you successfully throughout the legal process. This could include failing to be on time, lacking decisiveness, exhibiting disrespectful behavior, not understanding the law, and even demonstrating unethical or illegal behavior. In California, all lawyers are bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct. If your lawyer has broken one or more of these rules, they may be fined and lose their license to practice law.

If you notice that no plans of action have been set into motion, no court dates have been scheduled, no back-and-forth has been executed with the other party, and no new information is coming in, it’s time to hire someone else.

They Have No Record of Success

Hiring an attorney is an investment, which is why it’s important to choose someone with a record of professional wins. Look at their website and reviews from previous clients. During your initial consultation with this particular lawyer, find out how many cases similar to yours have been prosperous.

For many people, hiring an attorney is an expensive sacrifice of time and money. You should expect your case to be argued effectively based on a track record of previous success.

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