How a Domestic Violence Accusation May Impact Your Life

Allegations of domestic violence are taken seriously in California, and the penalties administered if you’re convicted of behaving abusively toward your spouse or partner might have an effect on your future. Nevertheless, every American citizen has the right to a fair trial and a robust defense. After all, it’s not uncommon for feelings of frustration, anger, and embarrassment to be taken out of context and interpreted as domestic violence. When this is the case, securing the assistance of an attorney may be in your best interest.

How Might a Domestic Violence Conviction Affect Me?

Domestic violence accusations may be frightening and intimidating. These cases may not only cause a rift in your family and close relationships but may also lead you to suffer from heightened levels of stress and anxiety about what may come next.

Fortunately, if you’re facing a domestic violence accusation, help is right around the corner. Acquiring the support of an experienced California domestic violence defense attorney should be your top priority. Besides helping you avoid hefty fines and jail time, a highly-rated lawyer may also help you sidestep the following negative effects that could derive from a domestic violence conviction.

Your Career and Finances

Perhaps one of the most frustrating realizations for those who have been convicted of domestic violence is that the punishment doesn’t end after they’ve served their time or completed their probation. Generally speaking, having a criminal record of any kind—particularly one involving a felony—may limit you from working at certain jobs.

A domestic violence conviction may affect any or all of the following job prospects:

  • Public employment: After a conviction, you may find it challenging to hold any public service job such as teaching, nursing, a public office, or police work.
  • General employment: Following a conviction, you may lose your current job, especially if it involves childcare, weapon handling, or transportation of dangerous materials.
  • Professional licensing: A domestic violence conviction could lead you to squander any professional licenses that you have, which may prevent you from working your job.

If you have concerns about future employment prospects or losing your current job with a domestic violence conviction hanging over your head, our attorneys are here to help.

Your Emotional and Mental Health

It’s not uncommon for a domestic violence allegation to worsen your long-term emotional and mental health. Of course, existing mental health issues may also play a factor. Regardless of a person’s guilt or innocence, the stigma associated with a domestic violence charge may cause anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues that may last for years after the arrest itself.

It’s vital, in this case, to effectively and constructively deal with the effects of your domestic violence charge. This may include self-care, being honest with yourself, and working to rebuild trust. Try to nurture good habits of care while your case is in process. This might include eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and talking to loved ones and therapists.

Your Voting Rights and Gun Ownership

If your conviction is a felony, you’ll lose the right to vote—at least until you’ve completed all terms of your sentencing including probation, parole, and restitution. Likewise, California and federal law both prohibit people with domestic violence convictions from possessing guns. The loss of gun rights may also come at the beginning of the case before you are even convicted.

If you’re convicted of a felony offense, you are prohibited for life from possessing a gun in California. If you’re convicted of a misdemeanor offense, you are barred from possessing a gun for 10 years. Most misdemeanor domestic violence convictions carry a 10-year ban; however, a misdemeanor conviction of PC 273.5 may carry a lifetime ban. After this 10-year period has concluded, your right to possess a gun is automatically restored.

Child Custody

A domestic violence charge may disrupt the connection you have with your children, even if the alleged violence wasn’t directed at them. According to the California legislature, it’s detrimental to a child if domestic violence or abuse is perpetrated in the child’s home. As a result, California courts have the right to take custody and visitation rights away from you in the wake of a domestic violence charge.

Contact an Expert California Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is facing a domestic violence charge, it’s important that you speak with a trusted domestic violence defense attorney. The expert lawyers at the Aron Law Firm, led by William M. Aron, are here to protect you against your accuser by investigating your case in detail and building a robust defense. Our legal team is well-versed in domestic violence defense law and may help you avoid the consequences that stem from this offense.

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