Luke Werkhoven Recommends William Aron

Bill draws from a deep well of knowledge and is passionate about achieving outcomes for me that I couldn’t get from other experts in the field. I find him to be an excellent listener and he readily can translate my concerns into the appropriate legal context. He has personally helped me on several occasions with legal advise. Consulting on contractual issues; where his sage advise proved invaluable months later when an issue he caught in the original document came up that could have been financially catastrophic. Bill went to bat for me when I was struck by a distracted driver and was able to directly negotiate with the driver’s insurance provider to settle all of my medical bills, my time loss at work, and was able to refer me to appropriate medical experts to ensure my full recovery. Bill has a vast criminal law experience; when my colleagues son went away to college at Cal Poly he got into trouble downtown SLO one night and unfortunately ended up arrested and in jail. Bill was eventually able to get the charges completely dropped and my colleague was ecstatic that his son could graduate without a blemish on his record. Bill is a straightforward and easy to work with. He communicates clearly and is extremely helpful. I highly recommend him.

5 Stars

– Luke Werkhoven