Steps to Retrieving Your Car After a DUI Arrest in California

Steps to Retrieving Your Car After a DUI Arrest in California

As if the legal consequences linked with driving under the influence arrest aren’t enough trouble, many California DUI defendants also have to worry about recovering their car after it’s been impounded. Unfortunately, this is a very real possibility for many defendants. It’s crucial, in this case, to understand the steps you need to take in order to recover your vehicle if you’re facing impoundment.

Vehicle impoundment is the legal process of taking your car to a tow yard or an impound lot. Your car will remain there until it can be auctioned off, recycled, claimed by its owner, or taken to a wrecking yard. Retrieving your car out of impoundment requires time and money but knowing what to do beforehand makes the process easier.

3 Steps to Take after Your Car is Impounded in California

Losing access to your car, whether for repairs or other reasons, is never fun. If your car is impounded, it’s crucial with this in mind that you act fast and take the necessary steps required to get your car back. Not only is not having your car a hindrance to your everyday life, but you may owe a fee for each day the car is impounded. Note, as well, that you may not be able to immediately get your car back if you were convicted of DUI. Sometimes, the court system will make you wait a long period before you can get your vehicle back.

Find Your Car

Your top priority is to find the lot where your vehicle is being held. You can do so by calling your local government office or by checking online. Note that it may take some time for the towing lot to update its registry to include your car. Once you do find where your vehicle is located, give the impound a call to confirm that your car is there.

Visit the Impound Lot and Gather Documents

Once you’ve found the location of your car and you’re sure that you can legally retrieve your vehicle, pay a visit to the impound lot. Bring with you proof of registration, proof of insurance, your driver’s license, and payment for all impound fees. If you don’t have insurance, you must enroll in a policy before retrieving your vehicle. You’ll only need the state’s minimum required insurance.

Pay the Impound Lot

The towing lot has to be reimbursed for towing and storage fees, so have some money set aside to pay them. The exact amount you need depends on the circumstance of your case and how long your car has been in the lot.

Challenging Impoundment and Other Penalties

If you’re facing serious criminal penalties for a DUI arrest in California, it’s essential that you retain a trustworthy Santa Barbara DUI defense lawyer and ask them about challenging your car’s impoundment. From questioning the validity of the evidence to arguing that vehicle impoundment is excessive based on your alleged wrongdoing, we at the Aron Law Firm are dedicated to protecting your rights.

Get in Touch with an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer at The Aron Law Firm

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence in California and need help collecting your car after it’s been impounded, consider the help of an experienced Santa Barbara criminal defense lawyer at the Aron Law Firm. Our knowledgeable team of top lawyers may be able to answer any of your questions related to vehicle impoundment or DUI defense strategies. Likewise, we may be able to defend you if you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence and need legal assistance. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights by investigating your case in detail and building a sturdy defense.

At the Aron Law Firm, we have many years of experience safeguarding our clients from a wide variety of criminal charges, including DUI. We’re committed to protecting your rights, helping you recover your vehicle as seamlessly as possible after your arrest, and defending you from the consequences associated with a conviction. To speak with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys, schedule a consultation by calling (805) 500-7745 or completing our contact form today.

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William M. Aron

June 25, 2022

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