Top 4 Mistakes People Make After a DUI Arrest in California

Top 4 Mistakes People Make After a DUI Arrest in California

An arrest for driving under the influence can be frightening for just about anyone. After all, a conviction of this nature can ultimately have profound consequences and is a far more severe matter than simply receiving a traffic ticket. As such, it’s crucial that you respond assertively and develop an appropriate response to protect yourself from consequences that may include the loss of a driver’s license or jail time. Unfortunately, however, many people don’t know how to respond after a DUI arrest. This can lead to mistakes that make a conviction more likely.

It can be challenging to navigate a DUI arrest properly. While this difficulty is reasonable considering your potential lack of experience and the often-tricky landscape of California’s criminal justice system, even one slip up may lead to a host of added problems. For help sidestepping errors that often plague defendants in your shoes, we’ve broken down a list of some of the most common to consider. For any additional questions about avoiding these potholes or for help protecting yourself after an arrest, contact the Aron Law Firm today.

4 Common Mistakes after a DUI Arrest

Everything that you do and say after an arrest can seriously impact your ability to fight the charges successfully. By understanding the mistakes that others in your shoes have made, you may avoid history repeating itself. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Not Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Many DUI defendants make the mistake of thinking they can handle the case on their own, that they should listen to their friend’s advice, or that they should plead guilty to “get the case behind them.” Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth as your job, reputation, and very freedom may be on the line. With so much riding on the results of your case, it’s crucial that you get in touch with a legal professional who has years of experience successfully handling cases just like yours. Depending on the specifics of your case, we may be able to get evidence suppressed or get your charges dropped or reduced.

Assuming You Can’t Fight Your Case

Many drivers who have been charged with DUI believe it’s hopeless to fight their case. However, there may be various issues with your arrest, the breathalyzer test results, or your field sobriety test—to name a few—that your lawyer may be able to contest. After sharing as many details as possible with your defense lawyer, you may be able to prove that the BAC test was conducted the wrong way, the officer illegally conducted the arrest, or there was something else in your system that affected your BAC assessment.

Continuing to Drive after a License Suspension

No need to tempt fate. If your license has been revoked or suspended, you’re only hurting yourself if you continue to drive. If you’re found driving with a suspended license after driving under the influence, you’ll likely see additional consequences. In addition to a lengthier license suspension period, you may be sentenced to time in jail.

Not Exercising Your Fifth Amendment Right

Many people assume that they can talk their way out of any situation, even a DUI arrest. Likewise, you may imagine that remaining silent will appear to a police officer as if you’re guilty. However, because whatever you say can and will be used against you at trial, telling your side of the story often provides police and prosecutors plenty of evidence to convict you for drunk driving. It’s a lawyer’s job to craft just the right perspective to a prosecutor, and exercising your fifth amendment right will get you one step closer to eluding a conviction.

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