What is Considered a Sex Crime in California?

California doesn’t have a concrete definition for “sex crime” because there are so many different varieties of sex crimes listed in the penal code, but “sex crimes” can generally be defined as offenses committed involving illegal sexual conduct. More specifically, this tends to be touching the intimate body part of another against that person’s will.

Sex crimes vary in severity and can be filed as felonies or misdemeanors. This can include anything from grabbing your genitals in public to forcible rape. California considers all sex crimes to be serious offenses that deserve investigation or court action. If you’ve been arrested for a sex crime in California, it’s crucial that you get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help.

Common Types of Sex Crimes in California

At the Aron Law Firm, we have experience handling a wide variety of sex crimes cases. Some of the most common sex crimes in California include the following:

  • Rape: Rape is defined as a penetrative act of sexual intercourse with a person who is not the perpetrator’s spouse and who does not provide consent.
  • Sexual battery: Rape and other sexual crimes are technically a form of sexual assault and battery. Sexual battery is considered touching someone’s intimate parts against their will for sexual gratification, arousal, or abuse.
  • Child sexual abuse: Child sexual abuse occurs when an adult forces himself or herself upon a child to satisfy a sexual pleasure. To be convicted of this crime, the victim must be under the age of consent, and the actions must have resulted in mental or physical harm.
  • Prostitution: California’s law against prostitution applies whenever anyone agrees to engage in the act of prostitution with someone else. To breach the law, you have to have both intend on prostituting yourself and do something to commit the act.
  • Lewd conduct: Lewd conduct occurs when a person touches someone else’s genitals, buttocks, or breast for sexual pleasure in a place open to public view.
  • Failure to register as a sex offender: A person is guilty of this crime if they’re required to register under the Sex Offender Registration Act and willfully violate the requirement.
  • Date rape: Date rape is forcible or nonconsensual sexual intercourse between people who know each other and have been in a dating relationship.
  • Indecent exposure: This crime is committed when a person willfully exposes their private parts in a public place in the presence of another person who might be annoyed or offended.

Several different offenses fall under the umbrella term “sex crime,” but they generally relate to coerced—and therefore illegal—sexual conduct against another individual. No matter the crime of which you’re accused, it’s crucial that you get in touch with a lawyer who can help.

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If you’ve been arrested for a sex crime in California, it’s crucial that you get in touch with a best-in-class criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A sex crime accusation in California can be devastating to your future, and California prosecutors often aggressively pursue the maximum sentences for these types of crimes. However, with the help of a knowledgeable and compassionate criminal defense attorney at the Aron Law Firm you may be able to preserve your reputation and sidestep any penalties associated with the crime.

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