What Is Legal Under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act?

Drug laws can be tricky, and marijuana laws always seem to be changing and evolving. With the passage of a voter initiative known as The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (also known as Proposition 64), responsible cannabis use was legalized in the State of California with some limitations.

Whether you live in California or are just passing through, knowing our state’s marijuana laws could help keep you out of trouble. For those who have already been arrested for illegal cannabis use, now is the time to seek legal representation. If you have been arrested for a marijuana-related crime in California, an Aron Law Firm Santa Barbara criminal defense lawyer can provide you with the thoughtful and intelligent legal representation needed to defend your case.

What Tourists and Residents Should Know About Marijuana Legalization in California

Since going into effect, The Adult Use of Marijuana Act has allowed countless Californians to enjoy decreased controls on marijuana. Today, the possession, consumption, and growth of cannabis and its products are significantly less restricted, and those facing certain marijuana-related crimes have benefited from reduced penalties.

Who Can Legally Use Marijuana in California?

The use of marijuana may still be prohibited on the federal level, but The Adult Use of Marijuana Act has made momentous strides in legalizing cannabis for anyone over the age of 21 in California, whether for medical or recreational purposes. Because nobody under the age of 21 is protected by The Adult Use of Marijuana Act, anyone aged 20 or younger may face severe penalties for the use, sale, or possession of cannabis. They may also be required to complete drug education classes or fulfill community service hours.

Where Is Marijuana Use Allowed in California?

Marijuana use is still banned in some places in California. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Schools
  • Parks, including National Parks
  • Sidewalks
  • Daycare facilities
  • Buildings open to the public
  • Restaurants
  • Places of employment
  • Youth centers

Under The Adult Use of Marijuana Act, individuals may use cannabis in private residences or at businesses with valid licenses for on-site consumption.

The use of marijuana or having an open container of a marijuana product while driving or riding in a car is also prohibited.

Who Can Sell Marijuana in California?

After going into effect, The Adult Use of Marijuana Act permitted marijuana and its products to become eligible to be taxed by the state. However, anyone wishing to sell marijuana products must hold a valid license and abide by city, county, and state regulations.

Petition for Expungement Under The Adult Use of Marijuana Act in California

The passing of The Adult Use of Marijuana Act also means certain marijuana crimes now qualify for expungement. A California drug crime defense attorney can determine if your drug conviction is eligible. Whether your particular offense qualifies for expungement under The Adult Use of Marijuana Act will depend on the circumstances surrounding your specific situation.

If your offense is authorized to petition for expungement, your lawyer will collect the documents needed and create a petition to present your case to the court. After giving the prosecutor time to respond, your case will be reviewed by a judge. At this time, your legal representative will present your defense and fight to get your charges reduced or expunged.

Fight a Marijuana Charge in California With an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Aron Law Firm, we dedicate ourselves to providing Californians with the assertive defense strategies they need to fight charges for marijuana-related crimes. If you were arrested for a drug crime in California, it is essential to seek qualified legal counsel as soon as possible so you can better protect your rights.

We understand the effect a single drug charge may have on your freedom, reputation, and opportunities and will exhaust all opportunities to get the result you deserve. To schedule a meeting with an Aron Law Firm criminal defense lawyer today, call (805) 618-1768 or complete our contact form.