Professional License Defense in Santa Barbara

When your professional license is at jeopardy due to a criminal charge or accusation made to the licensing board in California, your next steps are critical to achieving a positive outcome. A complaint or criminal offense may lead to administrative penalties, like fines or a suspension or revocation of your professional license, depending on the circumstances. In these cases, licensed professionals in Santa Barbara—like real estate brokers, nurses, and contractors—confront disciplinary action from the licensing board, along with the legal consequences for the offense. 

Fortunately, licensing boards may not take a professional’s license away without the opportunity for a hearing. If you’re a licensed professional in Santa Barbara who’s facing disciplinary action by the licensing board, get in touch with the Aron Law Firm. Our attorneys represent individuals in Santa Barbara facing criminal charges and disciplinary action against their professional licenses.

What Professionals May Need Legal Advice When Defending against Disciplinary Actions?

Aron Law Firm’s professional license defense lawyers in Santa Barbara provide a robust defense for licensed California professionals in all types of fields. Some of the many licensing agencies and administrative boards that our law firm may defend clients against include:

  • California Board of Vocational Nursing
  • California Department of Consumer Affairs
  • California Department of Insurance
  • California Department of Real Estate
  • California Department of Social Services
  • Dental Board of California
  • Medical Board of California

Professionals may experience significant damage to their professional reputation, business relationships, and livelihood from investigations and disciplinary actions. It is crucial to recognize possible risks early on and swiftly consult a professional license defense attorney trained in administrative laws who knows how to advocate for the most beneficial outcome effectively.

Professional License Investigation and Disciplinary Action Process in Santa Barbara

Licensed professionals in Santa Barbara initially become aware of an investigation when they’re contacted—either through a phone call, subpoena, record request, or letter—from the relevant board.

The Aron Law Firm’s experienced professional license defense attorneys are prepared to represent clients through each phase of the investigation and disciplinary action hearings. Under California’s Administrative Procedure Act, the process follows these stages:

  1. A criminal offense or complaint is reported to the appropriate licensing board
  2. The board investigates the crime or complaint against the licensee
  3. The board files a formal accusation against the licensee
  4. An administrative hearing takes place at the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) presided by an administrative law judge (ALJ)
  5. If the hearing is unsuccessful, licensees may appeal to the Superior Court to review and reverse the board’s order by filing a petition for writ of mandate
  6. A trial court judge will review the hearing and uphold the ALJ’s proposed decision, mitigate penalties, or reinstate licensure

The most suitable time to close the matter without a formal accusation being filed is during the license investigation. Once an accusation is lodged, the charge against you becomes a public record. That is why it is essential not to take an investigation lightly.

How May a License Defense Lawyer Help Professionals in Santa Barbara?

No matter how baseless you believe the charges against you are, understand that experienced investigators may cause disastrous consequences for your career. By retaining a professional license defense attorney at the earliest stage possible, you get your best chance at having the investigation closed without impacting your career or professional license.

Depending on the situation, attorneys at the Aron Law Firm may take the following steps to devise a robust defense strategy and argue why disciplinary action is unjustified:

  • File any documents necessary to preserve your rights to defense
  • Carefully review the facts of the complaint or charge with all available evidence
  • Dissect the laws regulating the alleged wrongdoing
  • Consult any needed experts who may strengthen your case
  • Secure evidence, documents, witnesses, and records that may help you
  • Defend against criminal charges that may result from the complaint
  • Meet with the board investigators to present evidence to refute the allegation or minimize the severity of a suspected offense

Should the board investigators determine that disciplinary action should be initiated and file a formal accusation, you have 15 days to respond. If you fail to respond to this notice, you may lose your professional licensure by default.

When you partner with the Aron Law Firm to handle your case, our professional license defense lawyers swiftly file a “Notice of Defense” and work directly with your licensing agency to negotiate the best possible terms for a plea agreement or withdrawal of the accusation. If we cannot reach acceptable terms to resolve the matter, we will strategically defend your case moving forward at the administrative hearing before an ALJ.

Consult an Experienced Professional License Defense Lawyer in Santa Barbara

If you are facing criminal charges or a complaint that may impact your reputation and career, who you choose to defend your case matters. In license defense cases in Santa Barbara, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who understands licensing board tactics and how the administrative process works. A skilled defense attorney may help you navigate the challenging situation you confront and negotiate a positive outcome.

At the Aron Law Firm, we realize the pressure and anxieties that professionals face when their licenses and careers are at stake. We are here to walk you through the administrative process to make it as seamless as possible while fighting for the most favorable resolution. To consult our knowledgeable California professional license defense attorneys in Santa Barbara about your situation, schedule a consultation by calling (805) 500-0759 or completing our contact form.