How a California Attorney May Help Defend Your Professional License

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, nurse, or another professional that requires licensure in California, a criminal accusation could endanger your ability to make a living. The state has the power to take away your license under CA Bus & Prof Code § 480, if you commit a crime and may even modify it if there are issues with your record.

At Aron Law Firm, we understand how stressful it is when your professional license is called into question and how critical it is to protect it from revocation, as your livelihood depends on it. That is why we will pull out all of the stops necessary to effectively defend your professional license.

Defending a Professional License in California

Regardless of the type of license you hold, the state of California may take away your professional license for almost any reason. Fortunately, you will have the right to defend yourself at an administrative hearing before the decision is made on whether to revoke or modify your professional license in California. During this time, a criminal defense lawyer may help protect your ability to continue working in your field.

How an Attorney Helps

The hearing may be a very intimidating process, but your attorney will be with you every step of the way. A California attorney may help defend against any accusation related to the nature of your work by:

  • Evaluating every aspect of your case
  • Looking at the facts of your case and evaluating the merits of it
  • Helping draft petitions in support of protecting your license from being revoked or modified
  • Preparing witness lists and other documents needed for presentation
  • Presenting evidence, as well as rebutting the evidence against you
  • Bringing forward additional documents or witnesses that could help your case if possible
  • Cross-examining witnesses called by the board and making arguments in support of your defense
  • Fighting for you in an appeal if necessary

At Aron Law Firm, we know the laws and practices of the licensing board that is reviewing your case and may advise you on how to defend yourself against allegations of misconduct. We will also fight for all available options. That way, if there are alternatives available instead of complete loss of license, such as suspension or probation, those options may be pursued by counsel before any definitive action is taken by the board or licensing agency.

Request a Formal Hearing

Should the licensing board decide to revoke or modify your professional license, you may request a formal hearing. This hearing is not a criminal trial, nor is it a civil trial with a jury. Rather, it is an administrative process akin to what you might experience in traffic court. The board will present its side of the story, and then you will have an opportunity to respond before the board makes its final decision.

A California attorney may also help you fight to get your professional license back if it has already been suspended or revoked by the state board.

Protect Your Professional License With the Help of a California Lawyer

In today’s changing world, a professional license is more important than ever. A license is a measure of your skill and expertise, but it is also an indicator of your character and integrity. When you have an Aron Law Firm attorney on your side defending your professional license, you may rest assured that they will do everything in their power to protect these vital assets.

To meet with an Aron Law Firm lawyer and begin discussing strategies to defend your professional license, contact our firm today by calling (805) 618-1768 or submitting a completed contact form.