What to Do if Your Teen Is Arrested for DUI in California

When kids start reaching their teenage years, they often grow curious and rebellious, and many begin testing their limits with substances like alcohol. Unfortunately, for some kids, this may mean getting behind the wheel of a car.

One of the last things any parent wants to see is their child behind bars, but unfortunately, this is a harsh reality for many parents in California. If your teenage child has been arrested for drinking and driving in California, now is the time to seek help from a criminal defense lawyer. At Aron Law Firm, our attorneys want to evaluate your child’s situation and construct a defense strategy to protect their interests and future.  

Possible Penalties Your Teen Child Could Face for Drinking and Driving in California

Whether your child has been arrested for the first time or is a repeat offender, the consequences for an underage DUI arrest extend far beyond a night in jail and the subsequent court appearance. There are specific consequences for minors charged with a DUI under California’s Zero Tolerance Law.

Underage DUI offenders in California could face penalties such as:

  • Incarceration
  • Probation
  • Points on their driver’s license
  • Elimination of good driver status
  • Mandatory installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID)
  • Completion of a DUI impact course
  • Possible felony charges
  • Community service
  • Raised automobile insurance rates or policy cancellation
  • Tarnished reputation

Being convicted of California Vehicle Code (CVC) §23136 may also hinder your teen child’s opportunities to:

  • Obtain scholarships
  • Hold certain professional licenses
  • Possess a firearm
  • Join the military
  • Gain acceptance into some colleges or universities

If your child has been arrested for DUI, the sooner you get an attorney involved, the better chance they will have at mitigating the possible effects of their arrest.

How to Help Your Teen Child After They Have Been Arrested for a DUI

It is important to remember that your child is innocent until proven guilty. Your teen’s best chance of getting their charges reduced or dismissed is with the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney who will prepare a solid defense strategy.

A lawyer may help you and your child:

  • Prepare a solid defense strategy
  • Gather any evidence and witness statements
  • Understand what to expect during the legal process
  • Explore the options and their consequences
  • Make sure all paperwork and documentation is both accurate and submitted on time
  • Go over the possible outcomes from a guilty or not guilty verdict

An excellent criminal defense attorney will also know how to negotiate with prosecutors, who often want to settle cases quickly rather than take them through trial. 

Protect Your Teen Child’s Rights After a DUI Arrest in California

Teenagers have infinite possibilities for their paths in life, but a single night of drinking may severely hinder many of their future opportunities. When you partner with Aron Law Firm, you and your teen child will benefit from having an experienced underage DUI defense lawyer on your side. Our team will be with you and your teenager throughout the legal process, from beginning to end.

Schedule a consultation today to discuss your child’s California DUI with an Aron Law Firm lawyer. Call our office at (805) 618-1768 or submit a contact form today.

William M. Aron


William M. Aron

April 12, 2023

Former Deputy District Attorney William Aron received his Juris Doctorate from the Duke School of Law and has amassed 20 years of experience practicing law. Attorney Aron dedicates his practice to defending the accused, and is devoted to keeping his clients out of prison.