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San Luis Obispo Domestic Violence Lawyer

San Luis Obispo Domestic Violence Lawyer

When police officers have sufficient reason to believe that domestic violence may occur between current or former marital partners, family members, cohabitants, or couples, they have a duty to intervene. However, what may seem like signs of domestic violence may just be a heated situation that arose from miscommunication or unresolved problems. These circumstances may trigger feelings of frustration and anger, causing words and actions between the involved parties to be overblown and misinterpreted.

If you or a loved one is wrongly accused of domestic violence in San Luis Obispo, it’s imperative to have an intelligent attorney who has dealt with a broad array of domestic violence charges on your side. A permanent criminal record containing domestic violence charges may negatively affect your personal character and future endeavors. The San Luis Obispo domestic violence defense lawyers at the Aron Law Firm may strategically prepare your case to defend your rights and fight any charges you may face.

What Does Domestic Violence Entail Under California Law?

California law defines domestic violence as the intentional or reckless use of threat, intimidation, or physical force on an intimate partner. An intimate partner may refer to any of the following:

  • Current or former spouses
  • Current of former fiancés or fiancées
  • Cohabitants
  • Serious domestic partners
  • Relatives through blood
  • Birth parent of the alleged abuser’s child or children

Perpetrators of domestic violence may cause physical, emotional, or sexual harm to victims, including repeated acts of stalking, physical aggression, sexual demands, and dominance. 

Unfortunately, in some instances, people make false claims of domestic violence out of spite or as leverage in complicated divorce and child custody battles. In such cases, it may be to your advantage to work with a diligent domestic violence defense lawyer in San Luis Obispo who may help construct a strong defense to potentially reduce or eliminate your charges. Our firm’s steadfast focus is on moving our clients’ cases toward a favorable conclusion. Through personalized defense and transparent counsel, our team is accessible to you when you need it.

Crimes That Fall Under the Umbrella of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an all-encompassing term that covers various crimes classified by the relationship status of the victim and the accused. Depending on the extent of the perpetrator’s behavior, numerous types of transgressions may lead to domestic violence charges.

California Penal Code outlines the following offenses that constitute domestic violence:

Any one of these offenses may result in significant restrictions on your life if you are convicted. The proficient San Luis Obispo domestic violence defense lawyers at the Aron Law Firm may research the facts of your case and present compelling evidence to mitigate your charges in order to get you the lowest possible punishment. Having our exceptional legal advocates in your corner means you won’t have to face these challenges alone.

Potential Penalties for Domestic Violence Charges in San Luis Obispo

Domestic violence is an act that is not taken lightly in San Luis Obispo. Depending on your particular circumstances and whether you bear a prior criminal record, you may face felony or misdemeanor criminal charges. Generally, penalties for a misdemeanor domestic violence offense include:

  • Civil fines
  • Up to six months in county jail
  • A no-contact order with the victim
  • A minimum of 40 hours of community service
  • A 52-week court-ordered domestic violence intervention program

Unlike misdemeanors, sentences for felonies are not as straightforward. Felony penalties may involve a combination of punishments—relatively similar to that of a misdemeanor, but with heftier fines and longer prison confinement. Domestic violence charges may have profound consequences on your ability to see your children, maintain suitable employment, and sustain a positive image with family, friends, and your respective community.

Trusted San Luis Obispo Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

Guidance from an experienced San Luis Obispo domestic violence defense lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of California law may help you effectively navigate your charges. At the Aron Law Firm, we understand that legal concepts are often overwhelming and confusing. Our savvy defense attorneys may thoroughly and personally explain what you may expect from the entire process. When the stakes are high, the Aron Law Firm may set you on the path toward a better place.

Led by former Deputy District Attorney William M. Aron, our legal team is composed of dedicated thought leaders in the field of domestic violence defense. Collectively, we work to build an appropriate defense strategy for your specific situation—one that’s tailored to your goals. Our approach to legal representation is aligning our legal strategy with what’s going to deliver the best solution. Call our office today at (805) 892-6488 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a confidential case evaluation right away.