California Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

A federal crime is a serious offense against the United States that includes many wrongdoings indicted at a federal level. Various situations may lead to federal prosecution from the U.S. government, and some may lead to charges filed at both the state and federal levels. 

At the Aron Law Firm, our Santa Barbara federal criminal defense attorneys realize the gravity of your position when you are suspected of committing a federal crime. If you’re facing federal criminal charges, the judge may seek the most severe punishments appropriate in federal court. Retaining an experienced Santa Barbara federal criminal defense lawyer may be your best chance at securing your future and freedom.

Types of Federal Crimes We Handle

At the Aron Law Firm, we handle a broad range of federal criminal cases for clients throughout Santa Barbara, California. Led by William M. Aron, a former prosecutor with extensive experience and expertise in all facets of criminal law, we are committed to helping ordinary people navigate extraordinary circumstances.

We provide strategic and thoughtful defense representation to clients facing a wide variety of federal criminal charges that include:

  • Drug crimes
  • DUI as a federal crime
  • Federal sex crimes
  • Financial crimes
  • Fraud
  • Internet and computer crimes
  • Murder as a federal crime
  • Weapons crimes
  • White-collar crimes

No matter what federal criminal charges you may face, it is extremely important that you hire an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer who is adept at handling these matters. When you retain a California federal criminal defense attorney from the Aron Law Firm, you may be confident knowing we may strategically and effectively handle your case.

What Crimes Constitute a Federal Offense?

Title 18 of the United States Code lists the crimes that the U.S. federal government charges. Depending on the circumstances and the particular law you’re accused of violating, you may be charged with a crime at the federal level, rather than the state level when the following occurs:

  • You violated a U.S. federal law or multiple states’ laws
  • You supposedly committed the offense on federal property
  • The offense allegedly crossed state borders, either physically or electronically
  • Federal law enforcement agents investigated the criminal offense
  • Your arrest was linked with the reported information by an informant

Criminal offenses like internet crimes, wire fraud, and drug trafficking, for instance, are often indicted in federal court.

How Do Federal Criminal Cases Differ from State Criminal Cases?

When the crime you’re charged with may be indicted in state or federal court, the prosecution typically decides how your case will proceed. There are several reasons that the prosecution may allow the offense to be dealt with at the state level. However, when a criminal offense is in the realm of federal prosecution, it is often tried as such.

Criminal investigations and the prosecution of crimes at the federal level are handled much differently from state courts. The numerous government agencies responsible for federal criminal investigations are usually well-funded with vast resources and seasoned investigators. Additionally, federal judges’ court dockets are not typically filled with a high volume of cases like the majority of judges presiding over state criminal courts who handle a wide variety of crimes.

Another notable distinction is that federal courts allow for stricter penalties. Federal crimes typically lead to harsher penalties than state crimes, especially for sex crimes and drug trafficking cases. White-collar crimes like fraud, embezzlement, and forgery may also hold severe punishments. Often, federal sentencing guidelines lead to a prison sentence for any person convicted of a federal offense. For these reasons and more, it is essential to hire an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer to protect your future and freedom.

Hire an Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Santa Barbara, California

Have you been accused of committing a federal crime in California? If you believe that you may be the subject of a federal criminal investigation, you must act as soon as possible. Laws governing federal crimes are complex, and you need a federal criminal defense attorney who is well versed in these laws to build an effective legal defense.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Aron Law Firm have amassed significant legal experience in federal criminal law arenas, making them a reliable ally no matter your legal situation. To consult a skilled criminal defense lawyer about your situation, schedule a consultation by completing our contact form or calling (805) 500-0867.