If you have been accused of taking another person’s motor vehicle through the use of force or fear, you could be facing harsh penalties for carjacking. However, in order for a carjacking charge to stick, it must be proven that you actually inflicted physical force on the victim or threatened to inflict physical harm.

A conviction for carjacking in California can result in penalties that could haunt you for a lifetime. Fortunately, if you were arrested for carjacking, our Santa Barbara theft attorneys at Aron Law Firm may be able to help. Our team has the skills required to create an effective defense for your carjacking charge.

Possible Penalties You Could Face for a Carjacking Conviction in Santa Barbara

California Penal Code 215 PC describes carjacking as:

“…the felonious taking of a motor vehicle in the possession of another, from his or her person or immediate presence, or from the person or immediate presence of a passenger of the motor vehicle, against his or her will and with the intent to either permanently or temporarily deprive the person in possession of the motor vehicle of his or her possession, accomplished by means of force or fear.”

Any person found to be in violation of California’s carjacking law in Santa Barbara will face severe penalties. Possible penalties for a California carjacking conviction include:

  • State imprisonment for a term of three, five, or nine years
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Lifelong status as a convicted felon
  • Confiscation of your weapons
  • A fine of up to $10,000

If a weapon was used in the carjacking or the crime resulted in great bodily injury, you would likely face additional time behind bars. We know that seeing these extreme penalties can be terrifying, but when you partner with Aron Law Firm, know that we will have your back from the beginning of your case to the end. During your case, we will do everything within our power to mitigate your penalties, or in some cases, have the charges dropped altogether.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Defend Your Carjacking Charge in Santa Barbara

When you are facing a charge as severe as carjacking, it is incredibly vital that you have a law firm on your team that has experience forming effective defense strategies for these types of cases.

Possible defense strategies a lawyer could use for a carjacking offense in Santa Barbara can include proving:

  • Lack of force or fear: Questioning whether force or fear was actually used in the taking away of the motor vehicle.
  • Consent was given: Establishing that the person who possessed the motor vehicle gave permission for the vehicle to be taken.
  • Mistaken identity: Calling the witness’s testimony into question for possibly mistaking your identity.

Although these defense strategies may prove effective in some carjacking cases, the Aron Law Firm lawyers can determine what strategies are most likely to work for your particular situation.

Dispute a Carjacking Charge in Santa Barbara with a Top-Ranked Criminal Defense Law Firm

When you choose to partner with Aron Law Firm for a carjacking charge in Santa Barbara, we will invest substantial time and energy into getting you to a better place.

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